What I've Read!

“Evening Anchorage”

Listed below are the latest twenty-five books I have read since rediscovering the joys of reading in the summer of 2004. They are in some semblance of reading order, although that is not a guaranteed fact!
(And yes, I've included my own, as having written them, I certainly have read them.  As a part of the self-editing process, I've taken them to work and read them on my lunch hour, just as I have all the rest that are listed.  The only difference is that as I read, I had the pen ready to mark errors and desired or required changes.  My goal is to be able to put one aside for a while and then read it as if it were somebody else's work and not even be tempted to make any more changes.)

218. Memory Man [David Baldacci]
219. Celebrating Spokane Authors [Members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers]
220. Not Self But Country [David C. Perry]
221. Kidnapped [Robert Louis Stevenson]
222. The Sea Wolf [Jack London]
223. The Prince and the Pauper [Mark Twain]
224. Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes [Author Conan Doyle]
225. Around the World in 80 Days [Jules Verne]
226. Stretch-mark My Heart (Autographed) [Niki Breeser Tschirgi]
227. The Adventurists [(SASP Member) Bob Weldin]
228. I’m the Ghost in This Body: The Nomadic Ghost (Autographed) [(SASP Member) Larry Danek]
229. Rivers of Stone [(SASP Member) Beth Camp]
230. Lost (Autographed) [(SASP Member) Harland Eastwood]
231. Booth (Autographed) [Timothy David Jones]
232. The Master Butchers Singing Club [Louise Erdrich]
233. How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy [Orson Scott Card]
234. III Minutes To XII (Autographed) [(SASP Member) Ed Des Autel]
235. The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen [Thomas Caplan]
236. Mr. Midshipman Hornblower (again!) [C. S. Forester]
237. Lieutenant Hornblower (again!) [C. S. Forester]
238. Hornblower and the Hotspur (again!) [C. S. Forester]
239. Hornblower during the Crisis (again!) [C. S. Forester]
240. Hornblower and the Atropos (again!) [C. S. Forester]
241. Captain Horatio Hornblower: Beat to Quarters (again!) [C. S. Forester]
242. Captain Horatio Hornblower: Ship-of-the-Line (again) [C. S. Forester]

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