A List of Characters from the Stone Island Sea Stories

(Included here are all the characters found in Beyond the Ocean’s Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story, Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story, and Darnahsian Pirates: One More Stone Island Sea Story.)


ANDREWS, Jonathon                      Midshipman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

ARTHUR, Sir Ronald                                                      Royal Navy Captain (Ret.), Ship Builder

BARRY, Lucius                                                                      Fourth Lieutenant in HRMS Furious

*BARTHOLOMIEU, Nicholas                                          First Director of the Gallician Republic

BELKNAP                                                                                     Sailing Master, HRMS Furious

Bessie                                  Kalish matron, mother of Cecilia, cousin-in-law of Doctor Robertson

*BLACKBURN                                                                 Physician in Brunswick, New Guernsey

BLONDIN, Abigail                                                 Stone Island resident, originally from Vespica

BLONDIN, Jacob         Stone Island Resident, originally from Vespica.  Abigail Blondin’s father

*BONAPARTE, Napoleon                                  French First Consul, later Emperor of the French                                                                                                   

BRAXTON, Joseph                                                                                 President, Unity Congress

CAMPBELL, Sean                                                         Bo’sun’s Mate in HMS Island Expedition

*CARLISLE, Kenneth                                                              Lieutenant, Royal Navy (deceased)

CARLISLE, Glenn Lewis                                            Son of the late Lieutenant Kenneth Carlisle

CARTIER                                                   Commander of French Corvette sighted at Cape Town

CARTNEY, Stephen                                                                   Bo’sun in HMS Island Expedition

Cecilia                                                                   Kalish maiden and Doctor Robertson’s protégé

CHESTERFIELD, Sir Vaughn                            General, Military Aide to Tritonish Ambassador

CLEMENS, Mr.                                                              Special Projects Secretary, the Admiralty

CLION                                                                                  Special envoy of Napoleon Bonaparte

COOK                                        Ship’s Carpenter in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

COOPER, Randolph                                          Master of Vespican merchant vessel Evening Star

DAVIS, Clinton                                                              Bo’sun’s Mate in HMS Island Expedition

DIAL                                                                               Master’s Mate in HMS Island Expedition

DOBBS                                                     Seaman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

DOBBS                                                                                Sir Ronald Arthur’s personal secretary

DOUGLAS                                                                                                       Captain HMS Acorn

*DUBOIS                                                  French Navy Captain (mentioned in conversation only)

DU CHAMPLAIN, Major           Military Aide to Gallician Consul in Brunswick, New Guernsey

DUNCAN                                                                        Marine private in HMS Island Expedition

ELLIOT                                                                                               Midshipman in HMS Bristol

EUBANKS                                                                          Ship’s cook in HMS Island Expedition

*FITCH                                                                            Reclamation crew leader on Stone Island

FOLSUM, Timothy                                                                  Topman in HMS Island Expedition

FORBES, Ethan                                                                     Second Lieutenant in HRMS Furious

FORREST, Charles                                                                   First Lieutenant in HMS Theadora

FOX, Jonathan                                                                               Vespican Joint Council Member

FRANKLIN                                                                        Cook’s mate in HMS Island Expedition

*GEOFFREY V                  Monarch, King of the Unified Kingdom of Grand Triton and Galway

*GEORGE III                        Monarch, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Gertie                                                          Harold Smythe’s housekeeper and cook, Hiram’s wife

GIBBONS, Jonas        Schoolmaster in HMS Island Expedition, Vespican Joint Council Member

GRAY                                                                                           Purser in HMS Island Expedition

GRAYSON                                                                           Wardroom steward in HRMS Furious

HADLEY, Dennis                             Midshipman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

HAIGHT, Jack                                                                       Ship’s boy in HMS Island Expedition

HARDY, Thomas M.                                                                                     Captain, HMS Victory

HARGROVE, Sir James                                  Commodore, “Flying Squadron” of Tritonish Navy

HARRIS, William                                                                       Gunner in HMS Island Expedition

HENNESSEY, Dudley                                     Stone Island resident, originally from Great Britain

HENNESSEY, Isaac                                             Infant, born enroute, St. Helena and Cape Town

HENNESSEY, Maggie                                                                  Mother of Isaac, wife of Dudley

Hiram                                                                             Harold Smythe’s butler, Gertie’s husband

HOGAN                                                                                                  Seaman in HMS Theadora

HOOPER                                                                                   Seaman in HMS Island Expedition

HOPE                                                            Fleet Captain, North Channel Squadron, Royal Navy

HOPKINS                                                 Seaman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

HOTCHKISS, Isaac                                                     First Lieutenant in HMS Island Expedition

HOWARD                           Major, Regal Marines, Military Aide to Tritonish Consul, Brunswick

HOWELL                                                                     Master, English merchant vessel Ellen May

*HUMPHRIES, Sir John, KB,   Vice Admiral of the Red

                                                                                        Signs Pierce’s orders for Lord St. Vincent

HUMPHREY                                                               Proprietor, the Frosty Anchor public house

JACKSON, Granville                                                                                Captain, HMS Theadora

JACKSON, Leona                                                                                      Wife of Lowell Jackson

JACKSON, Lowell                                                                                    Captain, HRMS Furious

JACOBS                                                                                     Seaman in HMS Island Expedition

JARVIS, David                                                                              First Lieutenant, HRMS Hawke

JEFFERSON, William                                                                   Vespican Joint Council Member

*JERVIS, John (Lord St. Vincent)                                                         First Lord of the Admiralty

JOHNSON, Elias                                                                          Vespican Joint Council Secretary

JONES                                                                                           Seaman, HMS Island Expedition

KING                                                                                            Master’s Mate in HRMS Furious

KING, Phillip     Captain, RN,                                                Governor, Botany Bay Penal Colony

*KERSHNER, LORD                                                 Admiral, Fleet Commander, Tritonish Navy

LANCASTER, LORD                      Tritonish Ambassador to the Independent Lands of Vespica

LEE, Gerald                                                                                   Vespican Joint Council Member

LINCOLN                                                                  Sergeant of Marines, HMS Island Expedition

Lisa                                                                                                Serving girl at the Frosty Anchor

LOFTON                 Seaman, Captain’s Coxswain in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

LYCOMING, Samuel                                                                 Ship’s Surgeon in HRMS Furious

MADISON, Alice                                              Wife of Shostolamie, mother of Doctor Robertson

MALLY                                                                  Stone Island Resident, originally from Vespica

MANLEY, Ralph                                                                                     Gunner in HRMS Furious

MATHESON                                    Ship’s Surgeon, HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

MCKENZIE,        Thomas              Captain, HRMS Duchess Irene, pennant ship, “Flying Squadron”

MERCER, Samuel.                                          Prosperous merchant in Brunswick, New Guernsey

MERCER, Mrs.                                                                                            Wife of Samuel Mercer

MIDDLETON, Charles (Lord Barham)                                                 First Lord of the Admiralty

MIREBEAU                                                                                                       Captain, Perpignan

MITCHELL                                       Seaman aboard HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

MORGAN, Thomas                  Midshipman aboard HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

NEILSON, Garry                                  Sail maker in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

*NELSON, LORD, Horatio                                            Admiral, Fleet Commander, British Navy

NELSON, Oliver                                                                      Third Lieutenant in HRMS Furious

NEWBURY, Horatio                                                             Commanding Master, HRMS Hawke

NESBIT                                                                           British Marine in HMS Island Expedition

NIGHT FISHER                             Doctor Robertson’s cousin, Bessie’s husband, Cecelia’s father

NORTHCUTT                                                                 Lieutenant of Marines in HMS Theadora

O’BRIEN, John                                                              Sailing Master in HMS Island Expedition

PACKINGHAM, Vera                                       Resident of Stone Island, originally from Vespica                                                                                                     Harold Smythe’s housekeeper and cook

*PALMER, Charles                                                                                           Captain, HMS Atlas

PARKS, Professor                                                              Vespican scholar and antiquities expert

PHELPS, Joshua                                                                         Sailing Master in HMS Theadora

PHILLIPS                                                                                    Marine in HMS Island Expedition

PIERCE, Edward                                              Third Lieutenant in HMS Theadora

                                                       Master and Commander, HMS Island Expedition

*PIERCE, John          Captain of the Foretop in HMS Atlas, brother of Edward and Robert Pierce

*PIERCE, Robert                      Gunner’s Mate in HMS Atlas, brother of Edward and John Pierce

PITT, William                                                              Prime Minister of Great Britain and Ireland

RANDOLPH, Richard                                                                           Governor of New Guernsey

READING                                                                                   Marine in HMS Island Expedition

ROBARDS                                                                          Captain, Tritonish packet ship Emerald

ROBERSON                                                                                    Midshipman in HRMS Furious

ROBERTSON, Doctor           Baltican trained physician, son of Shostolamie and Alice Madison

*ROCHAMBEAU                                 Rear Admiral, Gallician Naval Forces in Vespican waters

ROLLINS, Theodore                                                                 First Lieutenant in HRMS Furious

ROWLEY, Leonard                                                                       Fourth Lieutenant in HMS Atlas

*SAUMAREZ, Sir James                                                                                Captain, HMS Orion

SCHMIDT, Johann                                                                                 Seaman in HRMS Furious

Sharon                                                                                                      Isaac Hotchkiss’ intended

SHOSTOLAMIE                          Dream Chief of the Kalish People, husband of Alice Madison,                                                                                                                                     father of Doctor Robertson

SIMMONS                                     Gunner’s Mate in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

SMALL, Alan                                  Midshipman and acting Fourth Lieutenant in HMS Theadora

SMITH                                                                                                        A clerk at the Admiralty

SMYTHE, Evangeline                                                                          Daughter of Harold Smythe

SMYTHE, Harold                                                  Leader, British Island Expedition Organization                                                         Freedom Colony founder, Governor of Stone Island

SOLLARS, John                                      Second Lieutenant in HMS Theadora, privateer captain

SPENCER                                                                        Master’s Mate in HMS Island Expedition

STANFELL                                                                                                      Captain, HMS Druid

STANTON                                                                                Captain, New Sussex Naval Militia

STEADMAN                                                                      Midshipman in HMS Island Expedition

STEVENSON                                                                            Seaman in HMS Island Expedition

STIMPSON                                                                                         Secretary to Tritonish Consul

SULLIVAN                                                                                  Master’s Mate in HRMS Furious

SUTHERLAND, LORD                                        Tritonish Consul in Brunswick, New Guernsey

SUTHERLAND, LADY                                                                           Wife of Lord Sutherland

TALBOT                                                    Resident of Stone Island, originally from Great Britain

THOMAS                                                 Topman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

TOMPKINS                              Rear Admiral of the Blue, North Channel Squadron, Royal Navy

TOWNSEND, William                     Midshipman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

WARREN, James                                                                      Chairman, Vespican Joint Council

WHITCOMB, Ralph                                                                         Landsman in HRMS Furious

WHITE                                                                                 Master and Commander, HMS Hound

WILBERFORCE, William                                           Member of Parliament, British Abolitionist

WILLIAMS                                               Seaman in HMS Theadora and HMS Island Expedition

WILLIAMS, Thomas                                                                              Seaman in HRMS Furious

WYATT                                                                           British Marine in HMS Island Expedition

WYNDHAM                                                                                           Flag Captain, HMS Bristol



Historical or “real” characters.


Characters with names derived from a list of British naval vessels and their commanding officers.


* Characters that are mentioned or discussed, but who do not actively appear within the stories.


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