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The Stone Island Sea Stories by D. Andrew McChesney seamlessly blend Age of Sail/Naval Adventure, as in C. S. Forester’s Hornblower stories and Patrick O’Brian’s Master and Commander series with a unique Science Fiction/Alternate World touch.  The first book, Beyond the Ocean's Edge, was self-published in May 2012 through Outskirts Press.  Sailing Dangerous Waters was published on 27 December 2013!  Darnahsian Pirates is in the works, and more will follow.  (With the exception of author photos, art work featured on this site was created by D. Andrew McChesney)

(Should ambition get the better of me, I plan to make some substantial changes to this web-site... for the better I hope.  Just don’t hold your breath waiting for them!  Breathe!  I told you not to hold your breath!  However, now that I’m retired, I might actually get around to making some changes here… someday!)

My interview on Live Journal by Charlie Cochrane
My video interview by Anne Mini, “shot” at the 2012 PNWA Conference (These are currently unavailable as Anne’s web-site is non-operational at present.)
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Author Events/Appearances:
Please contact me if you’d like me to speak to your group.

Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers is putting together an anthology of short stories, essays, flash fiction, and poetry, written by members of the organization.  Dave has contributed a new short story to the effort.  Hopefully the volume will be available in time for the Holiday Season.  Watch here or check the SASP web-site, for more information.

Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers

Listed Speaker

Name: D. Andrew (Dave) McChesney

Contact: (509 325-2072 (h) or (509) 768-6178 (c)

Will speak to: Writing Groups, Book Clubs, Historical Associations, Naval History, Age of Sail Enthusiasts, and more.

On (subjects): Writing, Publishing, Marketing, History, Naval History, Age of Sail fiction, and more

For: an opportunity to sell books and art work

Notes: Does not claim to be an expert on any of the above, but over time has learned a lot and enjoys passing that along to others.


While it is customary for published authors to acknowledge those folks who have helped them realize the dream of having a book on the market, I feel that even at this point, I can thank and acknowledge many, many people.  Your support and feedback has been and continues to be encouraging.  (I'm sure to leave some out in compiling this list.  If I do, it is a memory thing and not that I don't appreciate your encouragement and help.)

For instilling a love of reading, which led to a desire to write: my late parents, William and Irene, and my recently departed sister, Leslie Ann.

For unabashed enthusiasm for my work and showing me (and many others) the ins and outs of the publishing world:  Anne.

For chapter by chapter dissection of the first book:  Carolyn, Nanette, Locke, Marilee, Michelle, Shanti, and Irene.

For enthusiastically reading the first two books:  Helen and Matt.

For valuable advice on query letters, even as she sent me a rejection notice: Nadia.

For overall support and encouragement:  Eva, Jessica, Connie, fellow Spokane Club employees, fellow Inland Northwest Corvair Club members, members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers, and many others.

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